Genus and SpeciesTipuana tipu 
Common Name: Tipu Tree

Habit and Cultural Information:

Type:  Simi evergreen or Deciduous
Category:  Tree
Origin:  Bolivia
Height:  25-40 feet
Width:  30-60 feet
Form:  Umbrella-shaped crown
Water Needs:  Drought tolerant once established
Sunset Western Garden zones:  13-16, 18-24; H1, H2
Winter Hardiness:  20 degrees
Exposure:  Full sun to partial shade
Foliage:  Light green
Flower:  Apricot to yellow, sweet pea-shaped
Bloom Time:  Late spring to early summer
Fruit or Seed:  Seed pods follow the flowers

Other Details:  The Tipuana tipu is admired for its colorful flowering appearance and is a great shade tree, street tree or lawn tree. With such rapid growth it is important to adopt the arboricultural philosophy of juvenile pruning. Commonly called the Tipu Tree, it is great for quickly creating a canopy of foliage for your home.