Genus and SpeciesPinus pinea 
Common Name: Italian Stone Pine

Habit and Cultural Information:

Type:  Evergreen
Category:  Tree
Origin:  Southern Europe 
Height:  40-80 ft.
Width:  40-60 ft.
Form:  Globe
Water needs:  Drought tolerant once established
Sunset Western Garden zones:  8,9,11-24: H1 
Winter hardiness:  -10 degrees
Exposure:  Full Sun
Needles:  5-8 inches
Cone:  4-6 inches
Bark:  Furrowed and dark with age

Other Details:  The Stone Pine, with the botanical name Pinus pinea, is also called the Italian Stone Pine, Umbrella Pine and Parasol Pine. Italian Stone Pines have been used and cultivated for their edible pine nuts since prehistoric times. Italian Stone Pines are widespread in horticultural cultivation as ornamental trees, planted in gardens and parks around the world. Pinus pinea, has gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit. In Italy, the Italian Stone Pine has been an aesthetic landscape element since the Italian Renaissance garden period. This pine tree grows as a stout bushy globe and is very stately and handsome.