Genus and SpeciesJubaea chilensis 
Common Name: Chilean Wine Palm 

Habit and Cultural Information:

Category:  Palm
Origin:  Chile
Height:  40 – 70 feet
Width:  25 feet
Form:  Single wide trunk
Water Needs:  Drought tolerant once established
Sunset Western Garden zones:  12 – 24
Winter Hardiness:  15 degrees
Exposure:  Full sun
Foliage:  Grey-Green
Bloom time:  Late winter early spring
Fruit or Seed:  Yellow
Bark:  Smooth

Other Details:  The Jubaea chilensis is well known for its impressive and massive trunk that can become 4-6 feet in diameter. This very impressive, stately and very rare tree is one of the cold hardiest of pinnate-leaved palms. Various indigenous groups in Chile have long harvested the Jubaea chilensis (Chilean Wine palm) for its sweet, sticky sap, which can be made into a powerfully intoxicating wine.