Genus and SpeciesErythrina coralloides 
Common Name: Naked Coral Tree 

Habit and Cultural Information:

Type:  Tree
Category:  Deciduous
Origin:  Mexico
Height:  30 ft.
Width:  30 ft.
Form:  Open and spreading
Water needs:  Moderate 
Sunset Western Garden zones:  12, 13, 19-24
Winter hardiness:  25 Degrees
Exposure:  Full Sun
Foliage:  8-10” leaves
Flower:  Fiery red blossoms
Bloom time:  Spring
Bark:  Thorned branches

Other Details:  The Erythrina coralloides has fiery red blossoms in the spring time that look like candy handing from the branches. In the summer the leaves are large, up to 10 inches and provide a nice canopy of shade. Then the Erythrina coralloides tree leaves turn yellow in the fall and after leaf drop the branches reveal a bizarre branch structure. Hailing from the rocky cliffs and canyons of Mexico the Naked Coral-Tree is sought after as one of California’s favorites. Truly a remarkable tree and requested by many landscape architects.