Genus and SpeciesBismarckia nobilis 
Common Name: Bismark Palm

Habit and Cultural Information:

Category:  Palm
Origin:  Madagascar
Height:  20- 40 feet
Width:  15 – 18 feet
Form:  Single trunk, wide spreading crown
Water needs:  Drought tolerant
Sunset western garden zones:  19-24
Winter hardiness:  20 degrees
Exposure:  Full sun
Foliage:  Blue grey
Bloom time:  Mid Spring
Fruit or Seed:  
Bark:  Smooth

Other Details:  The Bismarckia nobilis will grasp your attention at moment’s sight. This palm will be a great addition to any landscape project for either commercial or residential. Hailing from the plains of the central highlands of the Madagascar Islands this large Jurassic era Bismark Palm will gain your respect with its graceful lines and striking color. The name nobilis comes from the Latin word for ‘noble’. This palm is rarely seen in the California landscapes, but one of the favorites at The Tree Plantation.