Genus and Species
: Phoenix canariensis
Common Name: Canary Island Date Palm

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Habit and Cultural Information:

Height:  60 feet at maturity
Width:  25 feet at maturity
Water Needs:  Drought tolerant once established
Sunset Western Garden zones:  9, 12-24
Winter Hardiness:  20 degrees

Other Details:  The Phoenix canariensis or commonly known as the Canary Island Date Palm is a large slow growing stately palm tree. It is known as the most impressive and desirable palm tree with its single, upright thick trunk. It is easily recognized by its crown of leaves and trunk characteristics. It is not uncommon to see Canary Island Date Palms pruned and trimmed to enhance the appearance. When pruned, the bottom of the crown, also called the nut, appears to have a pineapple shape. This palm is very slow growing and is highly sought after.