Genus and Species
: Betula jacquemontii
Common Name: Himalayan Birch

Habit and Cultural Information:

Type:  Deciduous
Category:  Tree
Origin:  Northern India, Tibet, Himalayas
Height:  40 - 60 feet
Width:  18 - 20 feet
Form:  Tall and Narrow
Water Needs:  Regular watering
Sunset Western Garden zones:  3-11, 14-17
Winter Hardiness:  -30 degrees
Exposure:  Full Sun
Foliage:  Green then Yellow fall color
Flower:  Yellow-brown male drooping catkins and greenish female smaller upright catkins
Bloom Time:  April to May
Fruit or Seed:  Small winged seeds
Bark:  Brilliant white exfoliating bark

Other Details:  The Betula jacquemontii exhibits the brightest and brilliant white bark of all the birches for a truly distinctive and exciting show. Graceful, narrow form, the birch tree is a wonderful landscape tree with a terrific yellow fall color. This commonly called Himalayan Birch tree was discovered by Sir Joseph Hooker on his long journey to Tibet from 1848 to 1851. The white paper-like bark was used in ancient times for writing.