Genus and Species
: Alnus rhombifolia
Common Name: White Alder

Habit and Cultural Information:

Type:  Deciduous
Category:  Tree
Origin:  California
Height:  50 - 90 feet
Width:  40 feet
Form:  Spreading with alternate branching
Water Needs:  Ample Water
Sunset Western Garden zones:  1-9, 14-21
Winter Hardiness:  -10 degrees
Exposure:  Any exposure
Foliage:  Dark green above and paler green beneath.
Flower:  Catkins which emerge and open in mid-winter
Bloom Time:  Spring
Fruit or Seed:  Small cones on the tip of the branches mid to late fall
Bark:  Grey and smooth

Other Details:  The Alnus rhombifolia, a California native, is a rapid grower that is very tolerant of heat and wind. The flowers decorate the branches in the winter and the seeds attract the birds. The White Alder, as it is commonly called is a very striking tree in all seasons with straight limbs that have a stiff, yet elegant appearance.