Genus and Species
: Acer palmatum ‘Sango Kaku’
Common Name: Coral Bark Maple

Habit and Cultural Information:

Type:  Deciduous
Category:  Tree
Origin:  Japan and Korea
Height:  15-25 ft.
Width:  15-20 ft.
Form:  Spreading, flat horizontal planes
Water needs:  Average Water Needs
Sunset Western Garden zones:  1-10, 12, 14-24
Winter hardiness:  -30 Degrees
Exposure:  Full sun or partial shade
Foliage:  Delicate leaves. Soft green in summer, autumn color is yellow
Bark:  Smooth bright colored coral red

Other Details:  The Acer palmatum 'Sango Kaku' is one of our favorites at The Tree Plantation. The bright colored red coral bark is one of the many outstanding features of this maple. This highly sought after cultivar is always in high demand because of its striking and unique coloration. The colors seem to brighten in the fall and intensify even more as winter approaches. The Coral Bark Maple is recommended by the United Stated Arboretum and was awarded Garden Merit from The Royal Horticulture Society.