Genus and Species
: Podocarpus macrophyllus
Common Name: Yew Pine

Habit and Cultural Information:

Type:  Evergreen
Category:  Shrub or Tree
Origin:  China and Japan
Height:  15-50 feet
Width:  6-15 feet
Form:  Upright
Water needs:  Regular water
Sunset Western Garden zones:  4-9,12-24: H1,H2
Winter hardiness:  15 Degrees
Exposure:  Full sun to partial shade
Foliage:  Bright Narrow green 4” long

Other Details:  Native to mountainous areas of China and Japan, the Podocarpus macrophyllus or commonly called the Yew Pine is mostly grown as a narrow-conical tree or shrub the can reach 50 feet tall in one’s lifetime if not properly topped or pruned. The Podocarpus macrophyllus is also limber enough to grow as espalier or shaped too many different designs. Podocarpus macrophyllus was introduced to the United States before 1860 and is widely used on estates that can manage its growth.