Genus and Species
: Cercis occidentalis
Common Name: Western Redbud

Habit and Cultural Information:

Type:  Deciduous
Category:  Shrub or Small Tree
Origin:  California, Utah, Arizona
Height:  10-18 ft.
Width:  10-18 ft.
Form:  Multi-trunked
Water needs:  Moderate to regular
Sunset Western Garden zones:  2-24
Winter hardiness:  10 Degrees
Exposure:  Full sun or light shade
Foliage:  Blue-green
Flower:  Magenta flowers
Fruit or seed:  Pods

Other Details:  The Cercis occidentalis commonly known as the Western Redbud is Native to the California foothills. The magenta flowers of the Cercis occidentalis bloom in the spring and attract humming birds and in the summer the leaves are an attractive bluish-green. The Western Redbud tree is valued for its low-maintenance care and pleasing form. History shows that Native Americans used the red branches in baskets, and as a tradition burned Western Redbud trees in the fall to encourage lush, new spring growth for basket making. The specific epithet 'occidentalis' is from Latin meaning "Of The West".