Genus and Species
: Quercus tomentella
Common Name: Island Oak

Habit and Cultural Information:

Type:  Evergreen
Category:  Tree
Origin:  California
Height:  25-40 feet
Width:  25-40 feet
Form:  Pyramidal crown
Water needs:  Low water needs
Sunset Western Garden zones:  7-9,14-17,19-24
Winter hardiness:  20 Degrees
Exposure:  Full Sun
Foliage:  Slightly toothed dark green
Fruit or seed:  Acorns
Bark:  Smooth grey to rough brown

Other Details:  This native Oak, the Quercus tomentella is found on the Channel Islands in California and two of the Baja Islands and is rarely seen as a specimen on the mainland through cultivation. Though it is now limited to the islands, it was once a widespread tree in mainland California, as evidenced by the many late Tertiary fossils of the species found there. Commonly called, the Island Oak was listed as a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature in 1998. Some consider the Quercus tomentella the most handsomest of California evergreen oaks trees.